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Badger books

Collins New Naturalist Library - Badger by Tim RoperCollins New Naturalist Library (114) - Badger (Hardcover) by Tim Roper (Author)

A comprehensive natural history of one of Britain's favourite animals The badger is a large mammal, common but very rarely seen in Britain, which has become one of Britain's best-loved animals. It is a very social animal, living in large family groups and maintaining large territories. It is its nocturnal lifestyle that makes it so difficult to see. This new volume in the New Naturalist series reveals the extraordinary complex life style that allows this secretive animal to live in even the most built-up areas of Britain. It also reveals the facts behind the current role of badgers in transmitting tuberculosis to cattle, a theory that has resulted in some of the most intense wildlife investigation in the past ten years. Contents -- Classification, Geographical Distribution and Conservation Status, Basic Biology, Badger Setts, Diet and Foraging Behaviour, Reproduction and Development, Communication, Social Organisation and Use of Space, The Origins of Social Territoriality in Badgers, Badgers and People, Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis



Badgers (Worldlife Library) by Laurie Campbell and John DarbyshireBadgers (Worldlife Library) by Laurie Campbell and John Darbyshire

Revealing the secret life of the badger, this text gives detailed accounts and photographs of its nightly habits and yearly cycle. Social organisation, reproduction and sett construction are covered, as is their current status in the UK.


Badgers by Michael ClarkBadgers (British Natural History) (Hardcover) by Michael Clark

With all the "politics" about badgers in the UK, it is not easy to get unbiased information.

This book provides a wealth of factually-accurate data, and lots of illuminating anecdotes about many many years of badger watching.


The Natural History of Badgers (Natural History Series) by Ernest G Neal - Discusses the habitats, behavior, feeding habits, and social life of badgers and examines the relationship between humans and badgers.


The Badger Man by Ernest G. Neal


Badger - Wild Britain seriesBadger (Wild Britain) - This is one of a series that focuses on animals found within the UK. Each book examines an individual animal, explaining what that animal looks like, where it lives, what type of home it lives in, what it eats, mating, young and growing up. The books introduce readers to the issues of endangerment and conservation. A map shows the distribution of the animal throughout the UK. This volume explores the badger, a nocturnal and very shy animal.


Badger's Parting Gifts by Susan VarleyBadger's Parting Gifts (Paperback) by Susan Varley

The tale of a dependable, reliable and helpful badger who realises that his old age will soon lead to death.

His friends learn to come to terms with his death in an enchanting tale. With full colour illustrations throughout.



Badger CD's and DVD's


Badger Watching With Gareth Morgan (DVD)

Badger Watching With Gareth Morgan [DVD]


Badger Watching In Britain (DVD)Badger Watching In Britain (DVD)

A look at one of Britain's best loved nocturnal creatures.


Secrets of the set - BBC Natural World BBC Natural World - Badgers - Secrets of the set

This fascinating programme takes you deep into the secret world of the badger, following one family throughout the course of a year.

Explore the habits, behavior and survival techniques of one of our country's most shy and elusive creatures.


Badger TrailsBadger Trails by Sherston

Charming Talking Story to motivate users and set the scene: Exciting simulation that allows pupils to 'experience' life as a badger: 8-point compass and plan view map allow pupils to practise essential map skills: Adventure tasks that encourage the use of thinking skills.




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