Badger watching in Cornwall

Without suitable field skills, badgers are not easy to see in the wild. Fortunately there are places with specially devised arrangements to make watching badgers both easy for us and safe for the badgers.


Tehidy Country Park, near Camborne in Cornwall, was once part of a created estate that was owned by the wealthy mining family - the Bassets. Covering 250 acres, the estate was purchased by the County Council in 1983 and turned into a recreational country park for the enjoyment of the community. Visitors can stroll around the lake, explore leafy glades or wilder areas of woodland, or be immersed in the rich flora and fauna.

Occasionally, the County Council's Environment and Heritage Service organise badger watches at Tehidy.

Numbers are usually limited to 10 places only and warm outdoor clothing and stout footwear must be worn.

Details are normally published in a 'Countryside Events Diary' that a number of bodies have joined forces with Cornwall County Council and the District Councils to help produce. It covers a huge range of events and activities organised by local authority officers, environmental action groups, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and many more. The guide can be obtained from Tourist Information Offices and libraries throughout Cornwall, or can be downloaded from the Cornwall County Council web site at

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Devon Badger Watch, near Tiverton, has live webcams of their residents.

At Devon Badger Watch Kevin and Anne, the owners, have two aims.

  • Firstly and most importantly we simply want our Guests to enjoy watching these shy mysterious creatures, at extremely close range.
  • Secondly, for those who would like to know more, we offer an insight not only into the detailed life of badgers, but also into how our wildlife and landscape has been affected by interaction with farming practices over time.

For an insight into what you can expect to see during a typical evening's viewing, click on their Video Diary links.

Devon Badger Watch